Terraform Labs CEO Denies Allegations Against Him


Terra founder Do Kwon has once again stated on Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast he is not «on the run.» However, he has refused to disclose his current location.

According to him, the accusations against him in South Korea are «politically motivated.»

Kwon has said:

«We are a little disappointed that the prosecutor’s office is trying to create new regulation through criminal prosecution, when this is the responsibility of the legislature, or at least financial supervision.»

Kwon is wanted by authorities in the country along with five other Terraform Labs employees on charges related to the collapse of the Terra project.


He claims he has not seen any arrest warrants against him and that he has received all information from the media.

Kwon has added:

«I don’t think any of the charges under the Capital Markets Act apply. The government’s position is that cryptocurrencies are not subject to its action as they are not securities. Therefore, we consider these charges to be illegal and politically motivated.»


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