Nasdaq Warns to Delist Digihost Stocks Over Violation of Compliance


American stock exchange Nasdaq might delist stocks of cryptocurrency mining firm Digihost (DGHI) as for the last thirty consecutive business days, the bid price for the firm’s stocks had closed below the required minimum of $1.00 per stock. Nasdaq says it has already sent a written notification to Digihost regarding the matter.

Now, Digihost has 180 business days (until April 10, 2023) to regain compliance. If the firm would be considered as compliant if it manages to keep its shares above the required minimum for at least 10 days before the deadline, Nasdaq said.

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If Digihost fails to meet the requirements within the given term, it may be eligible for an additional 180 calendar day compliance period. After the news broke, DGHI plunged by over 5% to $0.67. Digihost’s market capitalization declined to $15.6 million.


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