Bitcoin Mining Generates 0.1% of Global CO₂ Emissions

Bitcoin Mining Generates 0.1% of Global CO₂ Emissions


According to a study conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), since the creation of the Bitcoin network until September 21, miners have generated 199.65 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The annual figure is at the level of 48.35 million tons of CO?, which is equivalent to 0.1% of global emissions.

Nepal produces a similar volume of gas: 48.37 million tons and the Central African Republic, 46.58 million tons. By way of comparison, the gold mining industry produces 100.4 million tons of greenhouse gases per year.

The figures are based on the geographic distribution of BTC mining in January of this year. The CCAF has combined the most recent data with publicly available information on electricity generation in different regions.


At the same time, the information does not cover measures to reduce emissions.


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